OPO V Perth 2014

Phenomenology and the Problem of Meaning in Human Life and History

The 5th meeting of the Organisation of Phenomenological Organisations will be held at Murdoch University, Western Australia from Monday 8th December until Friday 12th December 2014.

The Problem of Meaning in Human Life and History

The problem of meaning is at the heart of phenomenological inquiry. Indeed, it can well be argued to be at the heart of philosophy as such. After all, without meaning there is no sense to be attached to either beauty or truth, either justice or the good. OPO V will take the problem of meaning, and especially its relation to human life and history, as its central focus. Taking meaning as irreducibly plural in character (for there to be meaning at all is for there to be a multiplicity of meanings), OPO V will also give special emphasis to pluralism in philosophy, and to phenomenology's own pluralistic tendencies – a tendency exemplified in the work of the Australian phenomenological pioneer, Alexander Boyce Gibson, Professor at the University of Melbourne from 1935-1966. In 1949 Boyce Gibson wrote:

'At present there are two main approaches to philosophy: the metaphysical and the positivist. My own view is that philosophy has everything to gain from their interfructification and I have built a department out of their differences of opinion'. (quoted in the Australian Dictionary of Biography, Vol. 14, Melbourne University Press, 1996)

From the Organiser

Dear Members and Friends of the Organisations of Phenomenological Organisations, it is my pleasure to announce that the 5th OPO meeting in 2014 will be held at Murdoch University, Western Australia. Any queries regarding the meeting please feel free to contact me. I look forward to seeing you in Perth, Western Australia!

Best wishes,
Lubica Učník

Confirmed Keynote Speakers

  • Chan-fai CHEUNG (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  • Burt HOPKINS (Seatle University, Philosophy)
  • Dermot MORAN (University College Dublin, School of Philosophy,
    Sir Walter Murdoch Adjunct Professor in the School of Arts, Murdoch University)
  • Jack REYNOLDS (Deakin University, Philosophy)
  • Horst RUTHROF (Murdoch University)

Perth, Western Australia

The city of Perth (See Tourism Website) on the south western coastline of Australia, outlooking to the Indian Ocean and nesting around the Swan River, is the fourth most populous city in Australia. Renowned for its pristine beaches, mediterranean climate and expansive estuary, Perth's welcoming atmosphere makes an ideal location for conference visits. The port of Fremantle, situated at the mouth of the Swan River, has one of the best preserved 19th century streetscapes in the world with a fascinating convict and maritime history. One point of interest includes the Round House prison, based on Jermey Bentham's panoptican design, which was the first permanent building in the Swan River Colony built in 1831.

Accommodation Options

Accommodation booking is available through the registration page. We have booked Esplanade Hotel Fremantle at a special rate of $205 (room only) and Tradewinds Hotel at a rate of $190 (room only).

If you wish to book a different accommodation, see the Visit Fremantle link for a list of nearby accommodation.

Suggestions for a day trip

  1. A day trip to Rottnest Island, which has beautiful beaches
  2. Other options for Perth. See also links here and here
  3. More local attractions here
  4. For day trips to the Pinnacles, Wave Rock, etc... You can also look at this address, clicking on the city to get tours around Perth.

Murdoch University

The South Street campus is located 15km south of the Perth CBD and 8km east of Fremantle. The central location of the campus makes it easily accessible across the metropolitan area, particularly due to the proximity of the Kwinana Freeway and the new rail line.

The campus is set in a beautiful bush environment and covers over 227 hectares, making it the largest University campus in Australia.

Map Location of Murdoch University
Murdoch Campus

Call For Papers

The call for papers is now closed.

Thank you to all those who have submitted their abstracts and we wish you the best for your papers. You can download the current program here.

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Registration Open

Registration is now open for the OPO V conference. Please use the link below to register online. Registration is A$150 for waged and A$100 for unwaged.

There is also a day registration for $30 per day.


Visa Regulations

For information on visa requirements to enter Australia please visit www.immi.gov.au.